Ajera Data Conversion Services

Whether you're converting data from an old system, acquiring a new company or looking for a custom report or invoice, Axium's Data Services team is available to ensure you get the most out of your Ajera investment.

Conversion - Non-disruptive Data Migration

The Axium Data Services team is skilled and experienced in converting data from dozens of different software platforms into Ajera. Our three step conversion process will ensure you get the data you rely on for your firm's management, understand how you will access and utilize your data in Ajera, and be ready to successfully deploy the software to your employees.

Step 1 | Understand Your Data and Goals

To start the process, your experienced Ajera Data Services Specialist will review strategies for migrating data, and help you select the appropriate data conversion option. Similar to evaluating what to keep when you go through a house move, this is the ideal time to evaluate what data to bring into the Ajera platform. Some critical points we will discuss during this step:

  • What is your project structure?
  • Which projects are relevant to bring across?
  • Are there client, vendor, or contact lists that should be cleaned up prior to conversion?

Step 2 | Testing: Pilot Data Conversion

After we complete the planning step, the Axium data services team will convert your data into a fully functional pilot environment. This step allows you to test the software before your live implementation. Testing will include the following critical components:

  • Validate the data conversion. Check the balances, totals and breakdowns for completeness and accuracy.
  • Learn how to process. Pick a handful of projects to setup and manage in both Ajera and your old accounting system to familiarize yourself with the new processes.
  • Validate the reports. Ask your project managers to review the reports and make sure the system will have usable data from day one. Additionally, run the financials and sub-ledgers to make sure that your accounting staff has the information they need.

Step 3 | Preparing for Deployment: Final Data Conversion

In the last step, the Axium data services team will do a final data conversion that includes key updated information from the pilot. At the completion of this step, your data will be live on the Ajera platform and the software will be ready to deploy to your employees.

Report and Invoice Customization

Axium's data services team provides specialized invoices and reports to meet the unique needs of your business. Whether it's a custom invoice for a demanding client or simply recreating a report from your previous software, our dedicated custom report staff will work with you to create a report to your specifications.

Option 1 | Start with our Most Popular Reports and Make it Your Own

You may find that one of Ajera's standard reports or invoices is almost perfect. Our data services team can help you make the changes to meet your exact needs.

Option 2 | Sky's the Limit! Tell us What You Want, We'll Make it Happen

Our experienced staff will guide you through the process of concept and design to create a solution tailored to how you conduct business.

Tailored Data Updates

Our data specialists are also at the ready for special data projects, such as adding data post-conversion from additional sources, mass reclassification based on tailored mapping, splitting companies or other M&A activities.

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