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Axium is committed to providing you with up-to-date information. In this section, you'll find technical reports and educational documents to download that can help you to make informed decisions and keep up with industry standards. Whitepapers are complimentary.

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eBook: The Ultimate Guide to Managing People, Projects, and Profitability

In the business world everyone answers to someone and will at times face tough questions. Drawing on our experience with thousands of professional services firms, we’ve compiled a set of common scenarios (with tough questions) we think you’ll be able to relate to.

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Qualities of an Effective Project Manager

Effective project management is at the core of great Architecture and Engineering firms. Learn the 10 things you should be doing to become a highly effective project manager.

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How to Create a Culture of Project Profitability

Creating a culture of project profitability is a top priority for engineering and consulting firms. Learn how to keep all employees - project managers, resource planners, and financial managers - focused on the same goals and right metrics to drive profitability and cultural change.

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How Great A&E Firms Set Themselves Apart

With only 52 employees Eskew+Dumez+Ripple was recently awarded the 2014 AIA Architecture Firm Award. In this interview, two principals from the firm share the firm’s aspirations, challenges, practices and core values that have shaped the firm and helped them achieve national recognition.

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Top Considerations for Adopting an A&E Industry Specific Accounting Platform

Understand the limitations of generic accounting systems like QuickBooks and how an A&E industry specific solution helps A&E firms grow their business and increase profitability.

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Evaluating Software for A&E Firms: 10 Questions to Ask Every Vendor

If you are in the market for A&E software, do yourself a favor and read this brief. Asking these 10 questions in your evaluation process will give you the insight you need to make the right decision.

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Life After Legacy. When is the Right Time to Move Off of a Legacy Financial Platform?

Understanding the limitations of using an outdated system and the ways a modern system solves common business problems can help a firm determine when it’s time upgrade to a new financial system.

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7 Steps for A&E Firms to Improve Time Entry & Expense Tracking

Improving your time entry and expense tracking processes, allows you to have more time to focus on billable activity. This will help to increase staff utilization and profitability for your firm.

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Seven Guiding Principles for a Successful ERP Implementation at a Growing A/E Firm

An ERP system can have a dramatic positive impact on the financial health of an A/E firm. Higher employee utilization, increased project profitability and lower administrative costs can quickly deliver returns on a firm’s investment. Learn seven key guidelines and the questions to ask vendors and references during the selection process to ensure your ERP implementation is a success.

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Five Reasons Your A/E Firm Should Look to the Cloud

Until recently the only option an A/E firm had to deploy a new software solution was onsite using a server located in the firm’s office. Over time, new technologies and the evolution of the Internet have allowed for a range of offsite deployment options. You may have heard of these options ubiquitously referred to as the cloud. Learn about the number of great reasons to use the cloud including streamlined setup, enhanced security, zero maintenance, improved performance, and a proven disaster recovery plan.

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