Role Specific Project Management Dashboards

Customizable dashboards for each role in your firm

Ajera's project management dashboards eliminate the need for multiple reports and data mining, freeing you to manage your business on your terms. The flexible dashboards in Ajera’s project tracking software provide at-a-glance insight and real-time business intelligence relevant to specific users and roles in your firm. Firm leaders see utilization charts and profitability graphs, while Project Managers have instant visibility into project activity and key metrics.

Each dashboard can be easily customized for a specific user or for a specific role, automatically filtering content according to a user's login and access permission. The drilldown capability lets you look at the information behind the dashboard without having to search in multiple places. Ajera dashboards are accessible from any web browser including Mac, PC and tablet devices, to keep you informed even when you are away for the office.

Project Management Dashboard & Tracking Software Features

Ajera's Unique Dashboards Provide

  1. Instant insight into your firm's health without digging through multiple reports.
  2. Flexible customization, giving you the power to create exactly what you want your team needs.
  3. Data security that allows you to limit information by company, department or projects.

Here's a close look at our Project Management Dashboard


As a firm leader you rely on key metrics to understand the performance of your firm. Ajera allows you to see and understand these metrics in real-time without digging through multiple reports.

With your Ajera dashboard you can:

  1. Track utilization for your entire company, regions, departments or specific roles
  2. Manage your existing backlog and your new business pipeline
  3. Identify failing projects and take corrective action earlier
  4. Empower your team with the information they need to be effective

Principal Dashboard

"People were hungry for information and couldn't get it before. Now they're getting it and they're reacting to it in a very positive way." - Rich DeYoung, CEO, WTW Architects

See what Rich DeYoung of WTW Architects was able to achieve using Ajera

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Department Manager

As a department manager, focusing on your business unit's performance requires monitoring detailed information on a daily basis. The Ajera dashboard provides everything you need, in real-time and in one place.

With your Ajera dashboard you can:

  1. Monitor your team's performance and identify struggling projects early
  2. Track your department's resources by utilization and availability
  3. Facilitate more efficient project review meetings with your team
  4. Ensure your projects are delivered on time and on budget

Ajera's dashboards allow department managers to monitor their team's performance and quickly identify projects that need attention.


Project Manager

As a Project Manager you need project management tools to provide real-time status updates on your projects. Ajera dashboards provide a snapshot of the information you need to make critical decisions.

With your Ajera dashboard you can:

  1. Monitor project status, invoice review and other essential information
  2. Quickly drill down into detailed information on your projects
  3. View actuals against budget for time, expenses and consultants
  4. Track you project's progress against your schedule and estimated completion date

Controller DashboardDepartment Manager Dashboard

"We've educated and empowered our department and project managers. We've made them more responsible for project execution and performance." - Tony Custer, CFO, CSD Engineers

See how CSD Engineers was able to drive increased project profits with Ajera's project management.

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As a Controller, you require a constant flow of detailed information. With Ajera, you can create a main dashboard for your most important items as well as additional task-specific dashboards to view billing, collections and time and expense management.

With your Ajera dashboard you can:

  1. Monitor timesheet and expense activity, quickly identifying any late or missing timesheets
  2. Drill down into your accounts receivable and work in progress aging
  3. Search your transaction history to find necessary information
  4. Compare balances and reconcile amounts, all from one screen

Controller Dashboard

"With any other software we would need more administrative support staff and still have less information available for our managers." - Myrna Norman, Business Manager, BAY - IBI

See what Myrna Norman was able to achieve using Ajera.

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