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Resource management and project scheduling are critical tasks for keeping utilization high and forecasting future staffing requirements. Those tasks can prove to be very time consuming for firms using multiple spreadsheets or a cumbersome software program. Ajera delivers fully integrated employee and project scheduling tools that enable managers to edit and analyze the information they need quickly, easily and in one place.

Schedule Manager for A&E Projects and Employees

Ajera's project scheduling tool, Schedule Manager, provides an easy to use solution for managing your employees and project workloads on a weekly basis. You can easily view your projects and resource budgets and instantly see how they are affected as you schedule future work. Ajera incorporates time entered into this same screen so you can ditch the Excel spreadsheets and manage everything in one place. Schedule Manager is designed to give you a flexible resource management system that offers a consistent clear picture of your workloads, even when your projects are constantly changing.

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Ajera's project and employee workload reports provide long term views of your projected work based on the budgets and dates you enter. These reports can include marketing projections to help managers understand how their pipeline will affect their workload. You can group and edit the workload reports to show what the projections are based on project manager, job type, resource type or department.

Ajera offers a full suite of tools for managing your resources for the immediate needs as well as long term. Our full integration means that you only have to manage information in one place, eliminating the need for maintaining multiple spreadsheets to achieve the same task. Ajera's simplified resource management can make your project staffing meetings go smoother and reduce the overhead burden of managing schedules, saving you time and money.


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