Efficient Paperless Billing

The billing process is perhaps one of the biggest challenges many firms face on a month-to-month basis. Ajera streamlines this often cumbersome process several ways through our paperless billing system.

In Ajera, employees enter their time electronically and their time entry is approved by a supervisor. This time entry can be done from a computer or a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet. As soon as this information is entered, it is available for review by the project leader who can constantly assess the health of the overall project.


Ajera also provides seamless communication between all the different levels of your invoice review process. No more printing multiple billing reports or trying to read sloppy handwriting. Whether they're at home or in the office, your project managers, billing managers, or even your principals will be able to view their invoices, make any notes and notify accounting that it is ready to bill.

Paperless billing review for architectural and engineering firms will capture the author, date, due date, contact association, attachments and notes related to the specific review entry. The back and forth between project management and accounting is done completely within Ajera saving valuable time and ensuring accurate billing.

Paperless Billing System
Ajera Paperless Billing Software


See how M-E Companies reduced 4 days from their invoice period through paperless billing review.

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