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Ajera architecture and engineering project management software bridges the gap between accounting and project management by providing an integrated system that deliver actionable feedback to project managers and real-time data to the accountants.

Innovative features like Project Snapshot and Earned Value Analysis (EVA) reporting provide information in an easy to digest format that provides additional insight to your project managers. The Project Snapshot report is a real time report that shows critical information about a particular project including budget, time billed and work in process. Drilling down from the snapshot shows the timesheet detail that has gone into that project and can provide quick validation that time is being recorded correctly.

Ajera SaaS Project Management Software

The Progress Report is another standard report in Ajera A&E project management software designed to give real time Earned Value Analysis. Earned Value Analysis shows the relationship between a project's contract amount, spent (earned or burn rate) and the project's reported actual percent complete. When you compare these items against your estimated project timeline, you start to paint a vivid picture of where your project stands. For a project manager or principal, this graph can be a valuable tool for quickly determining if a project is on time and on budget. Earned Value Analysis is the industry gold standard for managing your projects.


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